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About Lagan Press

Lagan Press is a Verbal Group company.  It was founded in 1991 by Patrick Ramsey and Pol O Muiri (Irish editor).

Dedicated to the ideals of John Hewitt and other writers the press aims to publish works of literary, artistic, social and cultural importance to the north of Ireland (however that region is defined imaginatively).

As a consequence, Lagan Press places great emphasis on those forms of literary expression which have little opportunity to be heard in the marketplace - poetry, drama and literary fiction.

Over twenty years the press has published nearly two hundred titles across all forms of creative endeavour. As well as beginning a process of cultural rediscovery with such writers as Joseph Tomelty, Thomas Carnuduff and Robert Harbinson.  

The Press has also provided space for dozens of writers to establish new and contemporary voices in Irish letters as well as a platform for a host of established and mid-career writers: Carlo Gébler, Maurice Leitch, Roy McFadden, Robert Greacen and Padraic Fiacc to name but a few.

Furthermore, Lagan Press has provided an outlet for cultural criticism, adding to the on-going debate of what it means to be from this place.

As an allied task in this process of artistic diversity, discovery and renewal, the press is also dedicated to producing contemporary creative work in the Irish and Ulster-Scots language.

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