21st Century Troubador

Andy White

About the book…

A tour journal of life on the road as it really is by Belfast-born 21st century troubadour and fully paid up world traveller, Andy White.

‘The wombat is my talisman, he shadows me, softly,
There are time zones, luggage and guitars,
cars, trains, and lots of walking.
Milano Centrale is my tour cathedral, and Heathrow my university,
It's mainly America, Europe and Australia.
I tried to make one the verse and the other the chorus,
With Australia the middle eight, but that was too tough.
I laughted, I cried, I ate the rider.’

Photo of the author, Andy White

About the author…

Singer-songwriter and author Andy White carries a 12-string guitar under his arm and wears his particular brand of charm on his sleeve. With the political edge of Billy Bragg, the romance of David Gray and the Celtic lyricism of the Waterboys, Andy is a fully fledged 21st Century Troubadour (and that’s the title of his journal-memoir, published by Lagan Press, 2009).

Belfast born and raised, White has earned a global following for blending folk and pop stylings with a poet’s sensibility. Working with the great names of Irish music - Sinead O’Connor, Donal Lunny, Van Morrison - and writing with the likes of Peter Gabriel and Neil and Tim Finn, Andy has won Ireland’s top songwriting awards and toured the world many times over.

Since his first album 'Rave On Andy White', recorded in a field in Northern Ireland, Andy has worked with top producers John Leckie and Kim Fowley, and recorded songs now engrained in the Irish psyche – including ‘Religious Persuasion’, ‘James Joyce’s Grave’ and ‘Street Scenes From My Heart’.

Andy’s latest release is a double CD ‘album also entitled 21st Century Troubadour. The first CD is a collection of songs mostly taken from his last four solo albums – including favourites ‘If You Want It’, ‘Italian Girls On Mopeds’ and ‘Travelling Circus’ - and all referred to in the book of the same name.

Andy’s work as a writer and poet is closely linked to his songwriting. He’s been described as writing in the tradition of the Spanish troubadour poets and the Beats, yet he retains a strong classical sensibility. Perhaps a hangover from the trauma suffered during his years at Cambridge, studying under the post-structuralists.

As a performer, as well as playing solo, Andy has collaborated with like-minded friends, musicians and writers both in the past – ALT with Liam O Maonlai (Hothouse Flowers) and Tim Finn (Crowded House, Split Enz) – and the present – Fearing & White with Canadian singer-songwriter Stephen Fearing.

Andy is a singer-songwriter of and for our times, documenting the world and its current chaos and beauty with remarkable insight. As he says in ‘I Decided To Fly’, wherever he is, with an acoustic guitar in his hand, he’s still “blowing bubbles on the Lisburn Road.”

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