Finding Finaghy

David Gepp

About the book…

Punctuated by games of ‘Hangoseek’ at Mrs Thompson’s lamp post,‘grass fights’ in the Big Field, and the occasional Crunchie Bar or packet of Spangles from his ‘rich’ friend’s father on payday, David Gepp’s formative years in 1950s Belfast were also marked by a growing awareness of more adult concerns. Within his own family circle, as well as in the world around him, Gepp began to sense the influences of history, religion and the prejudices of a society stumbling from the global conflagration of the previous decade towards the more localised storm of the next. 

As the all-pervasive structures and social norms of the still-industrial city begin to impinge upon the idyllic garden of his childhood, Gepp finds himself questioning the very things that had hitherto imbued his existence with a sense of security. Faith and innocence are gradually lost to be replaced by more protean uncertainties.    

In this finely etched memoir, the author expertly evokes a stark picture of working class Belfast and an affectionate, humorous and     insightful portrait of family life. Embracing many diverse themes and subjects, Gepp’s highly visual prose and striking, lyrical simplicity combine to unique and memorable effect.

Photo of the author, David Gepp

About the author…

David Gepp (pronounced jep) was born in Belfast in 1948 and grew up there. He is an artist and photographer who has been, amongst other things, a street sweeper, company director and university lecturer. A vegan, he lives near the western coast of Donegal with his wife Merlyn and their dogs, Yin and Yang.