A Far Cry

Maurice Leitch

About the book…

A Far Cry

The past is an awkward thing - especially if you're on the run from it. It will always find you ...
Returning to the themes of his classic novel, Silver's City, Maurice Leitch's new novel, A Far Cry, tells the story of Walker, a casual painter on a new Bristol housing development.
But all is not what it seems. Each night after is new partner and her child go to bed, Walker sits staring at the blank TV screen, seeing nothing but images of the small East Antrim coastal village he left behind and his terrible act to protect his friends from local paramilitary heavies.
Gripping and shocking, A Far Cry is the work of a novelist at the height of his pwoers. A compelling story investigating the bleakness, the sheer ordinariness of violence and the pyschology of hatred, Letich paints an unforgettable portrait of life in small-town Ulster.

Photo of the author, Maurice Leitch

About the author…

Maurice Leitch was born in Co Antrim and educated in Belfast. 

After a short spell teaching he joined the BBC Northern Ireland in 1960 as a radio features producer. 

In 1970 he moved to London to work in the BBC's radio drama department, continuinjg to direct documentary feature programmes. In 1977 he became editor of A Book at Bedtime until leaving in 1989 to write full time. 

His works include The Liberty Lad (1965), Poor Lazarus (1969), Stamping Ground (1975), Silver's City (1981), The Smoke King (1988) and Dining at the Dunbar (2009).